Spiritual Retreats & Events

Know One Self with Jenny Maria & Barret

Spiritual retreats and events with Jenny Maria & Barret offer emotional and spiritual healing full of divine care, presence and guidance, based in the profound metaphysics of A Course in Miracles. 

By connecting with the Holy Spirit, Jenny & Barret will gently guide and support you. Name and bring your healing Quest to the spiritual retreat, along with your desire for what you most pray for, or intend to experience. During each session you are invited to explore any remaining blocks to the awareness of love’s presence. The approach is always one of healing through the guidance of getting in touch with and gently releasing, emotional blocks and beliefs. This we will do for our self and the Whole Universe at once.

To experience what a session with Jenny & Barret can be like, watch this YouTube video of a recent online gathering.  

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Zoom for Enlightenment & Relationships are for Awakening Sessions

With Jenny Maria & Barret

  We meet for about an hour and a half to delve deeply into the mind. We approach the truth by exposing what isn’t serving to the light of love, using ACIM and the space created as we join together. We work with relationships, as relationships are for Awakening and need to be retranslated from the ego’s many purposes into Spirit’s sole Purpose. As A Course in Miracles states: You cannot go Home without your brother; you cannot go Home without forgiving the external world; your perception of your Brother/Sister. 

Welcome to an in-depth excursion where we experience the powerful removal of blocks to joy and joining.

Dates & Times

Global online event via Zoom.

Starting August 1st, we meet Sundays at 10am CET and Tuesdays at 7.30pm CET.


15€ per session
Or sign up for 5 sessions for 65€, or 10 sessions for 120€

Sign Up & booking

Sign up by sending the participation donation to:PayPal.me/JennyandBarret. 
Please cover the PayPal fees by adding add a € or two, if unable to use the “send to family & friends” option.

No one is turned away because of lack of funds. If money is an issue for you, please don’t hesitate to use this contact form and share with us why you need a discount right now. We’d love to be able to accommodate you!

Please remember to state your full name, email address and the event/package you are signing up for.

We look forward to our joining together!

Jenny Maria & Barret

*By attending a session with us you agree to have your image recorded and possibly distributed for the purpose of Awakening and healing. We usually only share a small portion of our recorded sessions publicly, and only as prayerfully guided by the Holy Spirit. 

Free Movie Session  with Jenny Maria & Barret

Donations are welcomed!

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a very sweet and funny movie with some extreme topics that most everyone relate to in one way or another. Whether you have seen it or not, we think you’re going to love this movie session with themes of Overcoming unworthiness, Private thoughts, Synchronicities, Flow and Miracles.

Date & Time

Global online event via Zoom.

Wednesday, August 4th, 4pm Central European Time, 10am Eastern Time.


Free gathering!

Sign Up & booking

Sign up by sending an email to jennyandbarret@gmail.com and we’ll send you the link shortly before the gathering.

Donations can as inspired be sent to: PayPal.me/JennyandBarret. Thank you!


Why is it strange to you that faith can move mountains? This is indeed a little feat for such a power. For faith can keep the Son of God in chains as long as he believes he is in chains. And when he is released from them it will be simply because he no longer believes in them. 

A Course in Miracles 

We look forward to our joining together at this inspired movie gathering!

Jenny Maria & Barret

Awaken to Love Live-in Retreat in Barcelona!

There is a recognition within; like a rung bell – resonating with the profound joy of the call to Awakening in Love!

Come and Join Jenny Maria & Barret as they invite you to share in an Experience the second weekend of October in a beautiful venue in the outskirts of Barcelona.

This retreat will be offered in English with Spanish translation available for those who need it. 

Like in the online groups with Jenny and Barret, this retreat will offer an opportunity to get in touch with what’s most important; clarity and love coming from within; unobstructed and as a direct experience. We will have a whole weekend together for this purpose, which gives a profound opportunity to go even deeper into the clarity found on the other side of forgiveness and the releasing of core blocks and issues.

You are welcome to join us for the “Long-weekend option”, from Thursday 7th-10th of October, or the “Weekend option”, Friday 8th-10th of October. 

How can you realize that you’ve always been Home? That you’ve never wandered away from The Truth? With every shadow of doubt that you gently witness and release with Love – with every fear that is healed in the presence of Peace – with every tension that is melted away by the tender touch of Spirit – the realization of your Eternal Self begins to come forward in your awareness.  

Jenny Maria and Barret Hedeen have been called to soul partnership and to divine Awakening. Join them for a 3 or 4 day retreat to support the realization of the True Self you’ve always been. 

Let’s ring with this joyous song, sharing it without limit or exception!


This retreat will be held at Centro Aurora in Gavà, Barcelona, Spain

Join for 4 days or 3 days:
Thursday, October 7th at 17.00 to Sunday, October 10th at 14.00
4-Day Retreat: 395€ 

Friday, October 8th at 17.00 to Sunday, October 10th at 14.00
3-Day Retreat: 295€ 

Sign Up & booking

Retreat price includes lodging, meals and all the retreat workshops and healing sessions. To register, send the full retreat fee to PayPal.me/JennyandBarret with your name and email in the comments section. If possible, please choose ‘sending to family and friends’, or cover the PayPal fees (10-15€). Of this amount, 75€ is a non-refundable sign-up fee. 

We look forward to this beautiful joining together!

Jenny Maria & Barret

There is a choice that you have power to make when you have seen the real alternatives. Until that point is reached you have no choice.